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Slovensko Društvo za Razpoznavanje Vzorcev (SDRV)

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The 2021 SPRS awards were given out at the general assembly. Congratulations to the award winners.  For more information visit the Awards page.


The Slovenian Pattern Recognition Society (SPRS) is a national association of non-profit, scientific or professional organisations and individuals concerned with pattern recognition, computer vision, image processing, speech recognition and understanding, and biomedical signal classification in a broad sense.

SPRS was established in July 1992 with the approval of the SPRS Constitution and the election of the first Executive Committee. The authority of the Society is vested in the Executive Committee composed of representatives of the society members who decide all important matters such as general policy, the programme of activities, admissions, elections and budget.

The major event in the SPRS calendar is the annual Slovenian Electrotechnical and Computer Science Conference (ERK), where the Society organises several Sections and discussions. Traditionally the conference takes place in Portorož in the second half of September. SPRS also organizes talks, workshops and conferences related to the fields of interest to the society.

In 1992, SPRS became a member of the IAPR, the International Association for Pattern Recognition. The SPRS representative in the IAPR Governing Board is Prof. Aleš Leonardis, Ph.D.